How Your Identity is Stolen
Written by Sharon K. Campbell

Do you have any idea how much information about you is accessible via the internet? Watch this video and be warned.

  • So; now that you are awake, here are some tips to protect your information:
  • Check your credit report at least annually –
  • Errors are common and frequent; don’t wait until you are about to make a major credit purchase like a car or house
  • Don’t put your telephone number on checks
  • Don’t put your driver’s license number on checks
  • Don’t carry your social security card with you
  • Don’t have your pre-printed checks mailed to your house
  • Don’t leave your mail at your house or mailbox to be mailed; take it to the post office or a post office dropbox
  • Carefully choose passwords
  • Don’t use your birthday, the birthday of relatives, your street address, common numbers associated with you. Use a combination of letters and numbers and don’t leave your passwords anyplace where someone else may find them
  • Be careful disclosing personal information, especially on the telephone or email. Verify who is asking and why.
  • Watch out for email “phishing” scams that claim to be from your bank, the IRS, etc. Most legitimate companies will not communicate major financial and personal information about you or your accounts to you via email
  • Be very careful in using Wi-fi in public places. Generally speaking, not very secure.
  • Be very careful about how much personal information you disclose on social media
  • Put a password on your cellphone
  • Keep your personal financial documents in a fire-proof locked box or safe at your home
  • When on vacation, have a hold put on your mail
  • Don’t leave credit cards or other personal information laying about at work visible to co-workers or others
  • When you get rid of a cell phone or computer, make sure you have taken appropriate measures to get rid of personal information (merely deleting is not enough)
  • You can opt out of pre-approved offers of credit mailed to you by called (888)5-OPT-OUT.

The tips above are just a starting point. The important thing is to be alert and very protective of your personal and financial information. It is never too late to start, so be careful out there!

If you have been the victim of identity theft in the Dallas area, please call me to discuss your options.

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