I Can Help with Your Consumer Issues


Do you have any of these problems?

  • Been sued by a credit card company or debt buyer?
  • Want to avoid bankruptcy due to credit card debt?
  • Creditors and debt collectors been calling you?
  • Want to stop debt collectors from harassing you?
  • Have errors on your credit report that the credit reporting agencies refuse to correct?
  • Been cheated by a car dealer?
  • Need an experienced consumer protection attorney who will fight on your side?

If you want any of the following, contact me

  • Take action against harassing creditors.
  • Explore non-bankruptcy options to a credit card lawsuit.
  • Sue for damages when debt collectors violate the law.
  • Sue for damages when credit reporting agencies won’t correct errors.
  • Sue for damages when car dealers cross the line.

For representation by an experienced litigator who has been practicing law and representing consumers in Dallas for over 25 years, contact me.