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Consumer Myth #9 – If my landlord serves me with notice to vacate, I must move out.

A Notice to Vacate is merely a letter from the landlord. It is a demand letter, demanding that you move out. The letter ALLEGES that you, as tenant, have breached the lease. If you move out, following receipt of a Notice to Vacate, you will be breaking the lease, even if did not breach the 

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Myth #10 – If I buy a used car from a dealer, which breaks down, I may sue the dealer under the lemon law.

Each state has its own lemon law. In Texas, the lemon law applies only to the purchase of new vehicles. The lemon law remedy is an administrative remedy and is a remedy against the manufacturer of the vehicle. To make a claim under the lemon law in Texas, the claim must be filed in Austin. 

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