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What is “Hindering a Secured Creditor?”

What is “Hindering a Secured Creditor” and can a debt collector make such threats? Too often, debt collectors cross the line in their attempts to collect past due bills. Certainly a creditor is entitled to be paid the money it is owed, but there are limits to what a debt collector can do to collect. 

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How can I dispute a credit card bill?

What if someone steals my identity? What if a charge appears on my credit card that is not mine? What if a merchant overcharges me or charges me twice for what should be a one time charge? We read in the Dallas paper on a regular basis about identities being stolen, unknown charges showing up 

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Credit Card Company obtains Judgment against a Dallas County consumer – What next?

A judgment in Texas is effective for 10 years from the date it is abstracted (filed in the public records), and earns annual interest. The creditor may renew the judgment at the end of the initial 10 years for another 10 years. A judgment lien attaches to the debtor’s non-exempt real property in the county 

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